What is Ubiquography?

Ubiquography is an exhibition that aims to make people think about the traits that define iPhoneography: ubiquity and immediacy. You can read a full exhibition statmente here.

The website is operating since January 2012, receiving and showing works made using an smartphone. The exhibition will take place from May 24 to June 8.

Participants capture, edit and publish their pictures using their phones and they are instantly displayed in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be simultaneously held in different cities of the world, in very diverse and distant locations.

Artists will be selected based on their previous iPhoneographic work. There won’t be a limited number of selected artists.

“Live” Exhibition

This is the main idea of the exhibition, since it proves the main two traits that make iPhoneography different from photography:

Immediacy (capture, edit, publish)

Ubiquity (any person, any place, everywhere)

The “live” projection will display the works consisting of a photography the author credits and a map of the exact place where the picture was taken.

As soon as another artist, from anywhere in the world, publishes a new work through the displaying platform, the previous work will be immediately replaced. This makes the exhibition alive at all times and enhances the immediacy of iPhoneography.

You may see it working at http://ubiquography.com/expo/

The requirements are basic: a computer with Internet connection a projector and a screen.

The Global Project

In order to enhance even more the immediacy and the ubiquography of iPhoneography, a “live” exhibition will be set up. This will make it possible to display the works anywhere in the world at any time. Therefore, any new work published through the displaying platform will be shown at the same time in all the locations holding the “live” exhibition, wherever they are.

The aim is for the exhibition to be held in at least one location of all the five continents. Locations might be of any kind: cultural centers, museums, commercial premises, public places, parks, etc.

More Info

Here you can download the Dossier, or write to ubiquography@barcelonaphotobloggers.org

About Barcelona Photobloggers

Barcelona Photobloggers is a non-profit organization. It was born in February 2006 with the intention of being a meeting place open to all fans of photography from the Barcelona area having a photoblog (a type of blog to publish your own photographs with some artistic intention periodically).

Since its founding, Barcelona Photobloggers has done many projects with almost no financing to promote the work of its members. We specialize in participative and collaborative on-line projects. We have published 2 books, organized 9 collective exhibitions, co-produced 2 exhibits along with CCCB and Caja Madrid, co-organized 3 photography festivals and 6 public debates about photography theory, organized the 2008 Europe Photobloggers meet up and so on…

All these projects give thousands of authors their chance to show their work and the public its chance to see what’s happening on the net.

Ubiquography at Pati Llimona: advance exhibition of Ubiquography

From March 15 to 31 an advance exhibition was be held within the context of the PICS 2012 festival, at Pati Llimona (Barcelona).  More than 300 authors and 2.000 photos were shown succesfully in our “beta test” exhibition. You can see some pictures: